Vision and Mission


>> To impart Knowledge to our students how to use whole of themselves.
>> To make them realize that equipping and capacity building is an on-going process.
>> To make our students learn social skills which include personal relationship, decision making and conflict resolutions.
>> To make our students the worthy citizens of a nation of priceless heritage.
>> To make them Move to Learn and Learn to Move.


>> Enable the student to excel in their academic pursuits,making them sensitive to the needs of progressive industrial world.
>> To produce technocrats with psychomotor and cognitive skills, committed to lifelong learning.
>> To impart ethical values and leadership qualities in students which would transform them into superior human beings.
>> The Community Polytechnic Scheme sponsored by Govt. of India is the right tool to reach out to rural community.
>> Teaching to innovate- Winners don't do different things: they do things differently Networking-Networking of class, laboratories, Libraries and Internet.